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A Message From Alpha Comics & Games

Hey everyone!

These updates are becoming quite the regularity, aren't they? We hope everyone is safe and healthy where they are.

We know that many of you have questions about where things are here at Alpha Comics. Our policy for this crisis has been that as long as it is safe and lawful for us to remain open, we will. We have been strict in adhering to the guidelines set forth by the CDC, yet our growing concern for the health of our community has caused us to take additional steps.

Our storefront will now be open only to curbside pickup and delivery orders. We will have someone available to offer these services Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We will also be able to take orders if you email us through our website

We are fortunate at Willow Lawn to be located in the same plaza as a grocery store, pet supply store, and very close to a pharmacy. At this time, while travel is limited to many of these essential services, we are happy to offer some much-needed escapism delivered safely to your car while you are out collecting these necessities. While you are staying safe at home we are offering $5.00 shipping for all orders - everything from subscription boxes to graphic novels, to vintage comics! If you want us to put together a bundle for you, give us a call and let us know what you like. We will be happy to recommend something to suit you.

We know there is a lot going on right now, and it is overwhelming- but we are going to get through this, and we are going to get through this together.

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield expansion Now Available!

! Meet more than a dozen powerful Pokémon V, including the Legendary Zacian and Zamazenta.

Meet more than a dozen powerful Pokémon V, including the Legendary Zacian and Zamazenta.  


Catch up with a new generation in the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield expansion!


The Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield expansion includes:

· Over 200 cards

· Dozens of newly discovered Pokémon from the Galar region

· More than 15 powerful Pokémon V and 4 enormous Pokémon VMAX

· More than 25 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy card

Alpha Recommends

Bri Recommends "BB Free"

Josh Recommends "Teenage Mutant Turtles and The Power Rangers"

Josh Recommends "Teenage Mutant Turtles and The Power Rangers"


Bri says: The United States is fractured, literally, due to several natural disasters. All B.B. Free wants is to explore this dystopian world with her best friend, document her travels on their own radio station, and find where she fits. I love the color choices with the art it makes everything feel so warm and unique. It is only on issue 2, but it seems like it will be a great coming of age story!

Josh Recommends "Teenage Mutant Turtles and The Power Rangers"

Josh Recommends "Teenage Mutant Turtles and The Power Rangers"

Josh Recommends "Teenage Mutant Turtles and The Power Rangers"


Josh says: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers were a staple of my childhood so when I came across this cross over, I had to get it. From the first page I was hooked by the beautiful art, and then the story grabbed me and never let go. From the turtles being their usual turtle selves, to the twist, I never thought I needed this in a series I will follow until the end. If you love the Power Rangers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles check this one out! and grab your copy so we can talk about it. 

Joe Recommends "Nowhere Men"

Josh Recommends "Teenage Mutant Turtles and The Power Rangers"

Alex Recommends "Dungeons & Drawings"


Joe says: This is my favorite comic! Nowhere Men is set in a world where "science is the new rock and roll". It follows a group of four innovative individuals who create a company that revolutionizes the world with technological advances. The lore and world are fun and unique, the characters are well written, and the art style is very unique and colorful! Definitely check this one out!

Alex Recommends "Dungeons & Drawings"

Alex Recommends "Dungeons & Drawings"

Alex Recommends "Dungeons & Drawings"


 Alex says:  Everyone knows I am a super huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd, and I am  always looking for cool new things to help me build my campaigns. This incredibly beautiful book- while it doesn't contain any stat blocks- is  an incredible resource for learning about cool creatures. The lore of  this bestiary is simple, but offers a lot of great inspiration for side  quests and campaign arcs. The art is clean and delightful- I was excited  to see eastern interpretations of traditional swords and sorcery  staples- such as the Lich, the Mimic, and the Redcap. "Dungeons & Drawings" is for sure  my recommend for this month, especially if you're looking for something  different for the RPG fan that already has everything. 

Steve Recommends "Locke & Key"

Alex Recommends "Dungeons & Drawings"

Steve Recommends "Locke & Key"


I watched the Locke & Key series on Netflix and immediately wanted to read the books that spawned the series. They are definitely a bit darker but the story line is SO much deeper and interesting. Check it out for an incredible ride! 

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The Quid Pro Roll Podcast

From Our Friends at Goblins and Growlers

Join Solanar Vakkus, Charles "The Gravyboat" Barnes, Johannes, Eek the Kobold, Alpha Comics & Games own Alex Smith and a revolving cast of guests, in Quid Pro Roll, a live play D&D 5e adventure!

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