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 Alex says:  Everyone knows I am a super huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd, and I am  always looking for cool new things to help me build my campaigns. This incredibly beautiful book- while it doesn't contain any stat blocks- is  an incredible resource for learning about cool creatures. The lore of  this bestiary is simple, but offers a lot of great inspiration for side  quests and campaign arcs. The art is clean and delightful- I was excited  to see eastern interpretations of traditional swords and sorcery  staples- such as the Lich, the Mimic, and the Redcap. "Dungeons & Drawings" is for sure  my recommend for this month, especially if you're looking for something  different for the RPG fan that already has everything. 

Bri Recommends


 Bri says:  "Beautiful  Darkness" is an adorable and macabre tale of the life and trials of a  fairy named Aurora. It has adorable art that counter acts the Grimm  fairy tale style horror elements very well. If you are looking for a  cute but twisted read this would be a good one. 

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The Quid Pro Roll Podcast

From Our Friends at Goblins and Growlers

Join Solanar Vakkus, Charles "The Gravyboat" Barnes, Johannes, Eek the Kobold, Alpha Comics & Games own Alex Smith and a revolving cast of guests, in Quid Pro Roll, a live play D&D 5e adventure!

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